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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Daring Flotilla Navy Cadets

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20230519

FROM: Gladstone to Rosslyn Bay

DATE: 20 May 2023

POSITION: Cape Capricorn

REPORT: Red Watch

Early start for midnight to four watch, we did navigation, mapping. Went back to bed and awoke to the two breakfast options of cereal, porridge. After our cold breakfast, we had a small knotting exercise competition with the other watches. The knot used was the round turn 2 half hitches, red watch came second place. After the competition we had a hot breakfast of scrambled eggs, beans, and toast.

After finishing our breakfast, we prepared to set sail by bringing up the sails, during this every watch worked together in setting up the ship. After this we set sail and we had the option to climb onto the net at the front of the ship. Whilst this was happening fellow members of red watch who didn’t go onto the net, checked fishing sites and had the all fine to start fishing, only thing caught was a bit of seaweed. After this we had succumbed to numerous activities to help the day go by, some of these where uno and arm wrestling. If not participating in any activities, you would be either on watch or relaxing around the ship or practicing the knots.

After our lengthy trip we had arrived at Cape Capricorn we had anchored, after lowering the sails. We then went inland by using the tender boat. Everyone went further inland and up higher to a lighthouse with a beautiful view and after that we went swimming. After swimming and beach fun we returned to the ship for another rope competition on which group could tie the reef knot the quickest in the least time, red watch had placed second in the competition. After the competition we ate our dinner of sausages, mash potatoes, peas, and corn, followed by a delicious desert of cheesecake.

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