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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Flexi School Townsville


FROM: Townsville TO: Townsville

DATE: 4 August 2017

POSITION: Maud Bay, Magnetic Island

Report by: White Watch

We woke up at 0630. White watch awoke the crew with the bugle. The other watches slowly arose from their beds and made their way through the kitchen galley, collecting breakfast. We had a knot tying competition practising the reef knot. After all watches completed the competition we had a nice hot breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast and beans. Dishes got done and watches prepared for a swim on Esk Island. The watches partook in snorkelling and shell hunting. There were many beautiful and interesting shells found, and lots of amazing fish and coral to be seen.

After the snorkel and shell hunt it was time to head back to the boat and set sail for Magnetic Island. It was lucky the missing crew member was found before we set sail. They had managed to get themselves lost walking around Esk Island but we prevailed. When all hands were on deck the hard work began and we raised the sails. We set course for Magnetic Island. For lunch we devoured Hamburgers; the hot English mustard surprised many taste buds and nostrils. The sail was long and joyful, especially when we got to see a whale rise up and take a breath from the ocean just beside the ship. As we were on our way to Magnetic Island we had a wind shift which made the sailing a lot easier than it was predicted from the skipper.

When we were close to Magnetic we lowered the sails and anchor. We partook in another knot tying competition practising a figure of eight knot and a bowline. We enjoyed a delicious dinner, cooked by our beloved chef, of Grilled sausages, mashed potatoes, beans, corn and brown onion gravy, followed by cheesecake. We had showers and then a meeting to brief the day and what tomorrow has planned for us. It is a beautiful moonlight night and the crew are tired and sunburnt. We are excited to go on tomorrow’s adventure.

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