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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: The Cathedral School


FROM: Townsville TO: Townsville

DATE: 25 July 2017

POSITION: Coolgaree Bay, Palm Is

Report by: White Watch

We have been on the boat for over thirty hours and we have only touched land once at North-East Bay. Most of the crew were woken up by the sound of the bugle, which Dean, very enthusiastically, volunteered to do whole-heartedly. The sunrise at Horseshoe Bay was stunning but out-done by the indescribable beauty of the water around Palm Island. Most jumped off the ship while the rest of the crew were ferried to land, which for some was a sight for sore eyes. Once we hit land, we explored the glorious white shore to discover sea stars and shells.

After our relaxing stop off at the beach, we rode the dingy back to the South Passage to start hoisting the sails for our next destination. During our time on the ship, we have been taught six different knots that have been put into practise during our watch hours and little competitions. After yesterday’s competition (the round turn & 2 half hitches and the reef knot), we learnt the figure of eight, the bowline, the sheet bend and the clove hitch. White watch is currently leading the competition (obviously).

We leave Palm’s shores in the morning and set out for Orpheus tomorrow, setting up camp at Yank’s Jetty. It has been a really memorable experience for all of us so far. By the way, we saw majestic whales breach the surface, gracing our eyes before lunch.

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