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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Trinity Anglican School


FROM: Cairns TO: Townsville

DATE: 15 July 2017

POSITION: Fitzroy Island

Report by: Blue Watch

At the crack of dawn on July fifteenth a group of 23 teenagers awoke to the adventures of South Passage Voyage. Sleepy- eyed and dreary on a Saturday morning they overcame the tiredness of the week and hopped in the car anyway to assemble at the wharf. The morning introduction consisted of roll call, assembling groups of red, white and blue watches before progressing on with the day’s program. We met Tim who taught us the ropes of the first day and all we needed to know to work our way around the boat. Without his guidance, we feared the boat would have just gone out of control. Everyone in their own designated groups were given an introduction of the boat such as toilets, sleeping area, kitchen and where to assemble for “muster”. As part of the blue team, our assigned area for the day was the jib sail where we learnt to tie and untie the jib, the movements around the deck, the proper knot to tie and differentiating the starboard side from the port side.

From our position in the Trinity Inlet, we sailed to Fitzroy Island with Red Watch on duty first. Soon after we had burgers for lunch, followed by cleaning dishes. The boat took off to a bumpy, wild and energetic ride with waves crashing against the starboard side, students already feeling the pressures of the ocean and unrecognisable terrains. We arrived at Fitzroy with students already eager to swim in freezing cold temperatures and even though the majority of us were reluctant to take a dip, we carried onto the shore for an afternoon calming walk.

A knot competition was held on board to decide who would eat dinner first with everyone putting on their tired game faces. Dinner soon followed after with everyone’s mouth watering and bellies grumbling. We had roasted chicken with steamed peas, carrots and warm gravy. Dessert sealed our stomachs with apple pie paired with either cream or custard. After a warm shower and few giggles around the bottom deck, it can be decided that everyone has had a good first day.


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