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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Gladstone to Brisbane DofE GPV

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20230410

FROM: Gladstone to Manly

DATE: 13 April 2023

POSITION: en route to Moreton Bay

REPORT: White Watch

Finally, a full circle, the poets and life of the boat, back to where they belong, recounting the full truth of the voyage across the seven seas. The reigning champions, White Watch, with the head bosinator, Sebby, and hand to Bos, Danny, commanded the entire ship with an iron fist. Recognising the watch as the evident victors, the White Watch undertook the responsibility of raising the greatest, most difficult sail. The Main Sail. The combining force of the two leaders of this dominant watch, equivalent to the strength of a herd of Bisons (because they were bosuns) double handily hoisted the peak Halyard in elegant fashion. We then sailed onwards to the horizon, its emanating visage reflecting onto our sun kissed faces, our eyes focused on the surreal Fraser Island, home of the dangerous, blood-thirsty dingos.

As we gazed upon the natural beauty of such a paradise, there was still a treacherous journey ahead from the safety of the mothership, the South Passage, to Fraser Island. However, this seemingly challenging endeavour was conquered effectively with a masterclass of boat control, displayed by Robyn, throwing sick drifts and mad wheelies, impressing the thousands of fishermen that were lucky enough to witness it.

After stepping foot on this superficial utopia, we were welcomed with thirst quenching refreshments from the locals, who were in awe at the sight of such sea-worthy bachelors. However the trials were not at a close after disembarking onto land, with savage dingoes staring out with the gleaming, beady eyes, lining the road to the oasis of a pool. Games worthy of being in the Olympics such as classic catches, chicken and king of the hill were all played and dominated by the two athletes.

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