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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage


FROM: Townsville TO: Cairns

DATE: 6 July 2017

POSITION: Normandy Island

Report by: Blue Watch

Although we had an early start at 0400 hours we got to blow the bugle and wake everyone else up. Blue watch won the knot tying competition (Again) and afterwards we were all fed a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs. This energy was used during a backstay competition which red watch won.

After an action packed morning everyone was keen to go ashore to Dunk Island to escape the heat. The crew split into groups once ashore, visiting the café and treating themselves to coffee and ice cream. Some were even brave enough to jump off the jetty and the ship, while some ventured further into the island and discovered some cyclone damaged villas from the resort. Lunch was pasta coupled with a cheesy bread that could rival sizzler’s very own signature dish. We then travelled to Mourilyan to refill our water and dispose of rubbish, before setting sail to our final destination of the night, Normandy Island.

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