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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage


FROM: Townsville TO: Cairns

DATE: 5 July 2017

POSITION: Dunk Island

Report by: Red Watch

We woke up at 0400 and polished the brass at 0600 and at 0630 Brayden blew the bugle and woke anyone still asleep in their beds. At 0715 all watches participated in a knotting competition which was the figure 8 knot. We would have won, however were penalised for practicing during the competition, and came in second place. We had cereal and pancakes for breakfast.

At 0900 we set sail for Cape Richards on Hinchinbrook Island, where we anchored early in the afternoon.

For lunch we enjoyed gourmet burritos manufactured by our magnificently skilled chef, each bite bringing forth the warm emotions of deep southern America making us feel like we were standing in the midst of a salsa dancing club. After lunch we started our watch and observed the vast ocean, manoeuvring through the treacherous waters battling swarms of dolphins, whales of monstrous sizes and a giant flying manta-ray. These rival creatures were no match for the Red Watch’s grand prowess and skill. Once we had defeated them we were faced with our greatest enemy, a black tipped Reef Shark. But, once again, Red Watch prevailed.  

Onwards and towards Cape Richards we sailed. At our arrival we were met with the remnants of the once grand resort that fell to dreadful tyranny of debt and despair and became the victim of vandals and looters. The main building was burned to the ground, the foundations around it stripped of all their pride and dignity. The pool had turned a sickly green with toads dwelling in it, warts covering them from head to toe, their main source of food: each other. The cannibalistic toads leered at us as we passed their putrid abode and made our way to the beach on the other side were some of our best climbers scaled the coconut trees and knocked down only the finest of the pick, harvesting their fruit with our bare hands. The prize was rewarding and we lazed on the beach until our time for departure inevitable

Our photos were unparalleled to any of the greats, the majestic artistry of the view of the South Passage and the path that we had taken stunned all who laid eyes upon it.

We were given a few hours to explore the island and swim, before sailing on to Dunk Island, where we dropped anchor. We are being followed by a catamaran with black sails. This is the third day they have stalked us, and have yet to make demands. I have a feeling it’s a psychological game which we are losing. Please send help.

We had a lovely dinner of steak and potatoes before an outrageously extravagant game of Uno. Many friendships were lost.

It didn’t take long for the crew to settle tonight. They must be tired. (Or trembling in fear) Love, Red Watch

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