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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Aldridge SHS

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20220516

FROM: Hervey Bay to Hervey Bay

DATE: 16 May 2022

POSITION: North White Cliffs, Fraser Is

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

We boarded “South Passage” at the marina in Urangan, Hervey Bay. After doing this, we were talked through the safety procedures and how to properly handle equipment as well as tying knots. We then set sail, on course to Fraser Island. The weather was fine with little wind, and it was quite humid. Whilst making our way to Fraser Island, some of us sat on the bowsprit and watched the waves.

Once we got close to Fraser, we lowered the sails and boarded the dinghy and rode it to shore. When we arrived, the sand was so muddy some of us sunk to our knees. Some of us chose to go hiking and some later chose to have a mud fight and go swimming. After the activity we went back to the ship and got ready for bed. Outside, the moon cast its bright shadow over the water after the bright-red sunset.

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