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South Passage Daily Report



FROM: Cairns TO: Cairns

DATE: 19 June 2017

POSITION: Elford Reef

Report by: Red Watch

The day began at 0600, when we were roused from our sleep by the bugle horn (courtesy of Daewah) to begin our sailing. We started off with a knotting competition with Red Watch prevailing with their Figure of Eight Knot. After a breakfast of toast, cereal and hash browns, we made our way up to the lighthouse on Fitzroy Island where the view was stunning and definitely worth the hike.

After getting back on board around 10.00, we began to prep the boat for sail. We then proceeded to lift the anchor and hosed the chain using the manual fire pump (practicing emergency situations). The weather was on our side as we made a speedy departure. After several hours of sailing in the sun, many were pleased when lunch time came around. The spaghetti Bolognese fuelled us for the afternoon, where our course took us to Elford Reef.

The weather granted us strong winds, white caps and several wet crew members. Sailing was smooth for the rest of the afternoon, and we were granted an amazing sunset after we anchored.

Another knot tying competition took place, with Blue Watch winning with an amazing time, 12 seconds, for the Clove Hitch Knot. Around 1805, it began to get dark and exhaustion soon hit. After showers and a dinner of steak and vegetables, we enjoyed some relaxation time and some storytelling, riddles and logic questions with Mr Weaver and Mr Morley.

The Sailing Master finished our day with a brief outline of helpful tips to get us through our own Command day. All in all, it was a good day with strong winds, hot sun and lots of fun, new experiences. Hannah & Ally


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