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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Byron Bay HS

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20230321

FROM: Manly to Manly

DATE: 21 March 2023

POSITION: Big Sandhills, Moreton Is

REPORT: White Watch

On this sailing trip we have experienced many things and were pushed out of our comfort zone as we ventured on this once in a lifetime voyage. We have had new experiences, been pushed passed our limits and seen new amazing, extraordinary things. We were lucky enough to see dolphins and control the ship.

The most challenging part of today was pulling the ropes but with perseverance we got there. It taught us the importance of listening skills and showing respect. Most of all it taught us about how important teamwork is.

The food on board was delicious. Despite the conditions, as we didn’t expect the food to be this good on a boat. We have an amazing cook Louise, and a great crew as they are great teachers and are really nice to talk to. Dave our watch leader is an amazing leader and mentor. He taught us how to tie ropes and sail the ship, but also helped us build our confidence and leadership skills.

Some of the highlights that we have experienced today are swimming in the ocean, seeing the marine life, the food, adapting to a different lifestyle and learning new skills.

Today we really pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones forcing us to talk to peers we may not normally talk to, providing a good foundation for new relationships.

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