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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Gold Youth Fraser Island Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20230114

FROM: Manly to Manly

DATE: 17 January 2023

POSITION: Great Sandy Straits, Fraser Is

REPORT White Watch

The day began as many on this trip, wet, cold, and bumpy. With the inconsistency of the waves matched only by the ear screeching blow of the bugle from Blair to mark the beginning of the day, and of Ned’s 16th year. White Watch marked this monumental occasion with traditional headdress which quickly dissolved in the heavier than comfortable rain. Yet, despite the perilous conditions the joyful mood endured as nothing could dampen our spirits though our clothes were a different story.

We suffered adversity as a Watch, not only from the conditions but also from the stiff opposition we encountered in the reef knot competition. The well drilled and organised legions of Red and Blue Watches proved insurmountable, though largely through no fault but our own. This loss however allowed the group to come together in reflection, to see and shun those who let the team down. Though, the Watch took this second loss in our stride, using it to better ourselves not only for future competitions but for the demanding seas that yet awaited us.

Unlike the knotting competition, our reefing on the run whilst on watch was much more successful, gaining the adoration of Stefano and prospective Watch Leader Chris (Papa Smurf), which renewed our confidence and bolstered our unshakable spirits. Our Head Morale Officer Nicole, ensures we stick true to our Full Value Contract and our commitment to always keeping a ‘positive attitude’, even leading us in song despite our limited vocal abilities.

Although some of Whippy’s work today was shitty (literally), he still made time for a rousing address to which we all heeded. He spoke fervently of the importance of communication and organisation not only for the challenging and at times dangerous South Passage but also in every aspect of our lives. More specifically he instilled the importance of the debrief and left us with a structure that we would be able to apply: What, So What, and What Now.

The importance of Whippy’s speech was only beaten by the inspirational yet succinct speech from Skippy, he spoke of self-discipline and the importance of a positive group dynamics headed by a shared vision and plan for the future. In his example, he spoke of his time in Antarctica and the importance he placed on being on time to ensure smooth operations even in trying circumstances. White Watch, and I am sure all other Watches, took this to heart and have since applied it to our practices.

We have noticed a striking change of Blue Watch from the tardy and disorganised to a well-timed well-drilled crew who finally and notably relieved us of our duties on time and without incident. That being said the rock of our entire operation is not Skippy, instead it is the mountain that is Cathy. Not once has a meal been late, not once has the food been less than a 12/10 and not once has there been any left, no thanks to the human vacuum Angus who has made Cathy’s clean-up invariably easier with his insatiable hunger.

Whilst the wind has not been favourable to us, forcing us onto only the motor our plan remains largely unchanged. We will embark down The Great Sandy Straight in what seems to be the most precise helming yet to be seen so far on the journey. This will provide the Watch a trying situation to test our skills, with many of us still yet to gain a full grasp on our lefts and rights, it surely will come down to the wire. However, inevitably through sheer power of will, teamwork, friendship, and the crew Skippy, Whippy and Robyn, White Watch will prove successful and ready to undertake the stress and difficulty of Command Day #AngusForSkipper.

Lovingly and with all due respect,

Angus and Lucy on behalf of White Watch.

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