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VOYAGE: Northern Beaches Scouts Voyage

VOYAGE NO:   20221218       

DATE: 21st December 2022              

POSITION: Coaster Retreat, Pittwater                     

REPORT BY:  White Watch               

Today we had a long trip from Shoal Bay to Broken Bay and it took around 13 hours. The weather conditions were clear and sunny. Some people got a little sunburnt but, it was good because not many people felt seasick. For breakfast we had pancakes which was very yummy, for lunch we had burrito wraps which were also very good, and for dinner there was beef stew with potatoes! Some people said they had seen a shark and other saw a flying fish, which was pretty cool. It has been an exhausting trip and many people got tired and had or tried to have many naps. Overall, it was a long day but worth the journey. We haven’t arrived at Broken Bay yet, but we are looking forward to dessert which is cheesecake and a good night sleep!

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