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South Passage Daily Report


VOYAGE: TS Orion                 

VOYAGE NO:   20221212       

DATE: 13 December 2022                

POSITION:       Coasters’ Retreat, Pittwater NSW   

REPORT BY:     Red Watch

At midnight we were woken up for our first anchor watch, after that we returned to bed. After falling back to sleep we were woken at 0630 by the bugle. We had breakfast at 0700 followed by a knot race (Red watch won). The crew then hoisted the sails and pulled up the anchor manually. We did a man overboard drill and then left the Sydney Harbour heading North.

After sailing for a few hours, we anchored at a secluded beach called Resolute Beach. We then went on a hike, saw a look out, all followed by a relaxing swim at the beach. Shortly after we returned to the ship, followed by a short sail to another secluded beach called Coasters’ Retreat, Pittwater. In the coming hours we enjoyed dinner, we are now hanging out for dessert.

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