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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Lorien Novalis

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20221127

FROM: Manly to Sydney

DATE: 27 November 2022

POSITION: Currigee

REPORT BY: White Watch

We woke up this morning at 4am thinking it was 6am! We began to talk before the crew told us to … Anyway. Before departure we explored the nearby Sunday markets while we waited for our classmate Reuben to arrive. Our captain, Peter, arrived just before Reuben and then we started our voyage. We drowned ourselves in sunscreen (with some exceptions) before being introduced to our roles, such as: hoisting the sails, sweating the halyards, flaking the ropes, and learning some knots.

Once we were accustomed to our jobs we sailed and motored for roughly 6 hours before arriving at Currigee. We went for a swim and played a game of “Tricky-tip” to release our pent-up energy. When arriving back on the boat, we entered a knot competition (we lost by the way) and enjoyed a lovely meal with a beautiful sunset.

Overall, our day was fun

And now our journeys just begun,

To be the best

We need some rest

Sydney cove here we come.

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