South Passage Daily Report



FROM: Manly  TO: Manly

DATE: 12 September 2016     TIME: 2030 hrs

POSITION: Tangalooma

Report by: Blue Watch

On the 12th of September, 2016, 21 year 10 students from the Gap State High School joined the vessel in Manly harbour. After a brief introduction and overview of various sailing practical skills, the South Passage went under sail at about 10 am. Following the ship leaving the harbour, each watch group was given a particular sail and all hands hoisted the sails.

With the motor still running and the sails up, the crew helped navigate the vessel towards Tangalooma. Throughout the trip many dolphins, jellyfish and the occasional turtle were observed by the crew members and with the sea breeze lifting, the crew tacked twice before catching the leads into Tangalooma. Furling sails and anchoring, the crew went for a quick swim ashore.

Once back aboard, the crew participated in the first of many a knot competition and white watch emerged triumphant with blue watch coming second and red watch coming third. After a beautiful dinner of chicken and rice with vegetables followed by apple pie and custard, the crew settled in for the night watches.




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