South Passage Daily Report



FROM:  Cairns  TO: Cairns

DATE: 19/6/16

POSITION: Mourilyan Harbour

Report by: White watch

The day’s trip was planned to travel to Mourilyan Harbour and stop at Normandy Island during lunch. The day started with a calm ocean with little wind, which created the need for the engine to be used. The sails were still raised even though the engine was in use. Soon after though (about 1-2 hours), the weather got more windy and the ocean more rough.

The rough weather was also associated with a cloudy and drizzly sky, we didn’t stop at Normandy Island for lunch/swim, as the weather created unpleasant swimming conditions. During the day a shark was spotted swimming in the water. We arrived at Mourilyan Harbour at about 1800 hours on a calm ocean. We lowered the anchor and the sails and had dinner, followed by a match of trivia.

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