South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: The Cathedral School – Voyage 2


FROM:  Townsville  TO: Townsville

DATE: 10/8/16

POSITION: Pioneer Bay, Orpheus Island.

Report by: Group F – Blue Watch

The day started off with a slow start at 0500hrs. As the sun rose the mighty blue watch polished the brass on the deck of the ship. The end of the brass cleaning was signalled by the loud sound of a brass bugle. Next the cook made a wonderful breakfast which was the best one yet. As the day progressed we ventured onwards towards the rough and wild ocean hoping to arrive closer to the objective. At 1000 all the watches began to practise there sailing skills because at 1100 the competitions began. Blue watch claimed three wins to take out the backstay competition, which involved running backwards and forwards to put on and take off the running backstay as quickly as possible. The second competition between watches was the bowline knot timed event; we also tied a sheet bend which consisted of all 6 of us taking turns at linking our rope to a loop held up by another watch member using the bowline knot. The journey so far has been a fun and interesting one, it has given the crew a whole new perspective of the ocean. Before this exciting journey began many people were hesitant to try and do something new. Now after actually experiencing life on the ship those people are really enjoying this unexpected experience. Overall the long tiring day was yet another memorable and enjoyable experience on board “South Passage”.

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