South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: The Cathedral School


FROM:  Townsville  TO: Townsville

DATE: 1/8/2016  TIME: 2200 hrs

POSITION:  Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island

Group C disembarked at Pelorus Island and group A rejoined South Passage for the final two days back to Townsville.

REPORT BY: White Watch – Ryan Maher

Starting out on the island of Pelorus, Group A left the land behind, at least that which was not still stuck to our 8-days in camp bodies (hence the hose on the ship). It was good to see our friends from Group C, before leaving them so they could go wander in the middle of the bush for five hours to find laminated pieces of paper. The travel to the boat was especially fun when I realised I still had my dry shoes on (hear that mum, you get to wash wet socks too). None the less, groups got right into hoisting sails, with white watch standing out as still the best group (no bias), and began our end trip back home to Townsville.

There was much to do along the way, like tacking, and tacking, and eating Hugh’s food (second most important man on board), and tacking. Oh, and I think we also fit in a tack here and there. We did stop along the way near the shores of Falcon Island for a swim, where my first kiss was stolen by a fake mermaid sitting on the bow of the ship. The feat took lots of upper body strength, though considering I did it, probably not much at all. Some of the group split off for a journey onto Falcon Island, not including me of course, I was too busy trying to kiss a statue. The group that did split off however brought back treasures galore, including four bags of well collected rubbish and an assortment of clams; some so big that we can’t actually cook them on this boat. After that, it was a sail straight for home.

White watch once again, with help from their dashingly handsome bosun and log reporter (me), proved their superiority by tying figure-8 knots in –(negative) 92 seconds. Quite a feat considering we had to break the laws of time and physics. The dashingly handsome and musically talented bosun also played symphonies on his ukulele, all whilst not getting thrown overboard.

Now, we’re anchored off Horseshoe bay on Magnetic Island, spending what will most likely be our last night on a Cathedral camp on the boat that this final camp is based on. And, of course, writing blogs for the south passage website so our parents don’t suspect us to be dead (don’t worry, there has only been 3.5 so far, the .5 will make sense when we get back). With most of the Ryan humour out of the way, I have truly enjoyed this camp. Being able to sail on an actual sailing ship and scream out ‘DINGHY ON THE PORT BOW!’ (The Sponge-bob movie 2004. Yeah, I’ve waited this long to say it) really is a changing experience. You get to do things you never thought you would do, eat foods you never thought you would eat on camp, and get to know the people with your cohort.

If there is one bit of advice I’d have to give to those people coming on this camp next week, and just in general for life, it’s to try everything. Whether it is breath-hold diving on Dunk, or eating that Caisson rice you drenching in peri-peri sauce just for the year 8 camp memories, or pulling yourself up the top of a ship just to kiss a plastic mermaid, just go for it. It’s the only way you’ll ever get somewhere. Even if you regret it in the end (Caisson rice, my body will never forgive me) at least you will never have the regret of not doing it (Galitly, I swear, one day, I will rub your head). Anyway, I think I’ve spieled on long enough. See all you guys when we get back. My group is the one not in the busses, but on the boat sailing into port with ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean’ music playing in the background. Ryan Maher – South Passage

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