South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: The Cathedral School


FROM:  Townsville  TO: Townsville

DATE: 27/7/2016

POSITION:  Haycock Island, Hinchinbrook Channel

Group B who sailed from Townsville disembarked at Pelorus Island this afternoon and group C joined the ship for the sail up Hinchinbrook Channel to Dunk Island

Report by:  Red Watch

The first sighting of the South Passage was at 2pm from Pelorus Island. By 3:15 we had swapped all of Group B and C’s gear off and on to the ship. Fortunately we were set to sail off that coral island and enjoy the sunset over Lucinda. Some off us couldn’t be happier to finally leave the beach, whereas others almost immediately felt the toll of seasickness. We were treated to a beautiful evening dinner of pork chops on deck before settling in to our routines.

White watch had first watch this afternoon, and had a great time learning all the new duties. We’re in for an early night with some watches waking up to complete their watches over the courses of the night. We all have had lovely showers through the evening after not showering for over 48hrs. Some saw the stunning waterfall off one of the islands, with running water. Some students had the chance of taking turns in the bow sprit; which Kyle says was so cool! Justin slept the whole time. (his input).  Us 18 students are sleeping in the same room, and its hopefully going to be a quiet night… maybe. Maybe not with the snoring.

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