South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: The Cathedral School


FROM:  Townsville  TO: Townsville

DATE: 26/7/2016   TIME: 2000 hrs

POSITION:  Palm Islands

Report by: White watch

Early in the morning the white watch was the first to wake up to polish the brass around the skippers area of the boat. A bugle was also polished which was then used to wake up the students and crew members in the morning. Hugh cooked us a nice breakfast which was enjoyed by all. We then set sail getting ready to make our way through the ocean stopping for a swim on the way. Today the conditions were slightly bumpy causing many people to feel sick some even having a chuck over the side.

A much appreciated stop was when we anchored the ship on a nice crystal clear watered beach on one of the islands in the great palm region. The small red dingy drove some to shore who were afraid to swim from the boat to the shore. Some cool refreshing watermelon was enjoyed by all on the lovely beach we had decided to swim at. Most definitely the favoured activity was taking the adventurous leap off the sailing vessel into the ocean as well as the challenges set by John to climb a small metal pole and kiss the statue of the mermaid mounted on the front of the ship. For the super adventurous people a leap off the bow sprit was the highlight of the day.

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