South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Peace Lutheran College
FROM: Townsville TO: Cairns
DATE: 7th June 2016 TIME: 2030 hrs
POSITION: Fitzroy Island
Blue Watch team woke up at 6:00am to polish the brass. The rest of the students were woken up by the trumpet at 6:30. Cereal was offered to everyone on board while waiting for bacon and eggs, cooked by the amazing Cath. Soon after, the knot tying competition begun. It was a close competition but in the end Red Watch won. After the competition hot breakfast was served. The anchor was raised and the sails were raised shortly after breakfast and we headed to Fitzroy Island. The three watches switched in and out of shifts. We made it to Fitzroy Island at 4:30.We all had a great time swimming, jumping on the trampoline and off the boat. Unfortunately the ice cream stall was closed but we got drinks instead. We got dry and ate dinner shortly after, followed by dessert. A few card games were played and then the election for Command Day was held – Captain Lachlan Mills, sailing master Cathryn Martin, navigator Vincent Jacobsen, Red Watchleader Ethan Haines, White watchleader Lachlan McLaren and Blue Watchleader Luke Wilson,Then we were all off to bed.

Tim is a superstar 

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