South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Townsville Grammar School


FROM:  Townsville  TO: Townsville

DATE: 23/7/2016

POSITION:  Herald Island 19° 01.920’S 146° 37.657’E

Report by: Blue watch

Blue Watch started at 4 o’clock. Woke up to a foggy cool morning with beautiful cloud and fog cover on the mountains and water. Beautiful sunrise with knot tying and backstay competition which blue team won both, just scraping through with the backstays, earning a freddo frog each. Got out of the channel between main land and Hinchinbrook Island where we were greeted by Lucinda township and the extremely long jetty. We matched up the 2 red triangles to get out to sea safely without colliding with a sandbar. Then we travelled to Orpheus Island and Yank’s jetty which was definitely one of the highlights of the trip, with jumping off the front of the boat, kissing the mermaid, snorkelling and climbing up the mountain and boulders to an amazing view of being able to see for kilometres until the scenery faded. Then we sadly said our goodbyes and travelled on towards Rattlesnake Island.

We anchored between Rattlesnake and Herald Island just in time for an amazing sunset. We had a neighbouring catamaran and some campers on Herald Island who cheered us on during our entertainment of Sod’s Opera which we sung happy birthday to John the sailing master who turned 29. Then we went into the cabin and voted on our skipper, sailing master, navigator and watch group leaders for our big independent journey tomorrow. We voted Nickia Olsen for skipper, Harry Stack for sailing master and me for navigator. It’s going to be a big hard brain-using day tomorrow but, with the help of Liz, I have revised and learnt a few things I was unsure about before and I think I am going to be prepared and organised for tomorrow.

-Matilda Rehn

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