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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Voyage of Friends Newcastle


FROM: Newcastle TO: Brooklyn

DATE: 11 Nov 2017

POSITION: Refuge Cove, Broken Bay

Report by: Blue Watch

The day started with a bugle call as usual at 6.00am. We were a little concerned when we looked to the ocean and saw a large storm cloud coming our way. Fortunately it remained on the North direction and we were heading South.

The day was very eventful, filled with whale watching, dolphins surfing alongside the ship and the sightings of numerous other sailing vessels that were participating in the Sydney around Cabbage Tree Island Race. Unfortunately, due to the lack of wind we were under motor all the way to Newcastle.

We arrived in Newcastle at approximately 3pm. After a presentation and photo shoot, those leaving the ship headed off to their own accommodation. The rest of us who were remaining on the ship for the night-sail to Refuge Bay took the opportunity to have a shower at the yacht club and a quick beverage before returning to the boat for dinner at 6pm.

At 7pm we set sail into the night and enjoyed 10 kts winds for the majority of the 9 hour trip. Most of us had never sailed at night so it was an exhilarating experience. The sky was full of stars and the ocean full of fishing vessels. You could see the mainland all the way down the coast and Red Watch enjoyed a fireworks display from the Gosford area.

We arrived safely into Refuge Bay at 4am.

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