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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage


FROM: Sydney TO: Brisbane

DATE: Day 7, 15 January 2017

POSITION: Tangalooma, Moreton Island

Report by: Sailing Master

It’s Sunday morning and we are moored off the beach at Tangalooma, with all but few crew dead to the world. The gentle rolling of the ship is just enough to keep all in a constant state of lullaby land.

Saturday began with a long haul up the channel, with a constant watch on the leads. The day was hot but with a stiff southerly behind us. Midday and finally we ventured out into the broader waters of Moreton Bay, raised the sails and prepared for some exciting sailing (at last without the iron mainsail) as we tacked across the Bay heading for our final destination of Tangalooma. A few brave souls decided to spend some time on the bowsprit and they received a regular “tea-bagging” as SP ploughed on through the waves well heeled over, while the rest applied the rule of “one hand for the ship and one for yourself”.

It was the bosuns’ turn to take control of the crew, the realisation dawned that there is more to this lark than just standing around and giving orders. It will be very interesting today as the relieving command crew take control, but I am sure we will reach Manly some time today! This morning will see a reward for all the hard work. Snorkelling along the wrecks here at Tangalooma is truly a delight, while some no doubt will try to summit the sand dunes here on the Island.  An early morning swim will wash away some of the accumulated humidity on many a body.

Report by White Watch

The usual final night concert went off without any broken legs.  Creative acts were introduced by Thomas the MC and included magic tricks with cards and with string, an ensemble singing with percussion (glasses rhythmically beating on the deck), trumpet solos and a quick but impressive Spanish lesson!   In addition, two of the crew performed – Hugh the cook with an adaptation of a song from HMAS Pinafore and Ann the watch leader with the South Passage song.  Lots of fun and laughs to celebrate our last night.

REPORT BY:  Sailing Master

So here we are at 06:10 hrs the brass is now being polished, crew are spasmodically arising to the new day, all with anticipation of the end of the voyage and stories to take home.

The weather in its recent fashion appears to have something else in store for us, so it will be an interesting trip back to Manly Harbour.

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