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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Churchie Bronze Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20221104

FROM: Manly to Manly

DATE: 5 November 2022

POSITION: Tangalooma, Moreton Is

REPORT BY: Red Watch

Today began when we woke up for our midnight to 4am watch. We took turns in pairs to record wind and triangulate where things were relevant to our ship’s location. We logged this information into a log. In between each shift we were required to fill out a booklet. After some additional sleep we woke up again at 6am for cold breakfast (cereal). We proceeded to have a rope tying competition where we had to tie both a figure 8 knot as well as a reef knot. We took the Win in the figure 8 and came a close last in the reef knot tying.

We were invited to indulge in a delectable warm meal of beans, scrambled eggs, and toast. Afterwards, we participated in a backstay competition, this was unfortunately not quite within our range of ability as we proceeded to calmly take out the 3rd of 3 placement. Post, backstay competition we breathed a relaxing, long, elegant breath. We were quickly ushered to prep the ship’s mainsail. Then we raised the anchor and began our journey to Tangalooma.

We were put on watch for the first part of the adventure. We helped both steer the ship and tack the sails to change direction so we could arrive as safely as possible. We then swapped with another watch and were allowed to relax until 6 when we would have watch again.

When we arrived at Tangalooma we prepared for a walk and a swim. We arrived at the beach and walked until we reached a behemoth of a sand dune. We ascended the sand dune and with much struggle and strife reached the top in one piece. Afterwards, we were invited to run down the hill which created some hilarious highlights that made the journey that much more enjoyable. After laughing, swimming, chatting, and walking we had arrived back at the beach we had started at. Everyone was picked by the small motorboat and transported back to the ship.

We cleaned off and were escorted to the galley for another delectable meal in sausages, mash, green beans, corn, and gravy. This was much appreciated by the famished crew who happily devoured this meal. We then had down time until 7ish when we were moved above deck to write this, we are now on watch and are discussing all of the fantastic things we did today.

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