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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage


FROM: Sydney TO: Brisbane

DATE: Day 4, 11 January 2017

POSITION: Approaching Coffs Harbour

Report by: Sailing Master

Trial Bay where?  It was a case of “there it is”, “there it goes”. Our continual battle with both the northeast swell and winds, and the constant need to tack, has played havoc with our planning schedule. The only bonus for the morning was a bit of a sleep in for some and no regular bugle call. Breakfast was consumed on the run, during the usual watch routine.

Plenty of tacking through out the day, and some of the crews have got the routine down pat, with a turn over time of around 3 and half minutes from start to finish. We won’t say who has the best time so far we will we Wazza?

Come 16.00 hours and we were overtaken by a storm cell. Some rain, just enough to get the duty crew quite damp. But the prelude of thunder and lightning had everyone a bit excited. A bit of a worry that, having the tallest object (the mast) on the ocean while lightning flashes around us.

With all the hatches closed, those below decks suffered with the humidity while those above just got wet. The only one who was really having a good time was our illustrious chef as he prepared the evening’s fare of bangers and mash!

It’s now 19:00 hours and we are less then an hour from Coffs Harbour where we will take on water and supplies. The crew are looking forward to some time on terra firma.

No watch report tonight, they are all exhausted from the previous days’ sailing and the trip ashore, was a new experience for their newly acquired sea legs!

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