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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: The Hills Grammar School


FROM: Sydney TO: Sydney

DATE: Day 4, 22 December 2016

POSITION: Broken Bay

Report by: Skipper Rosic and Navigator Sampson

We woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs, Hugh had been busy cooking up another storm at ‘Hungry Hughs’. After breakfast began the difficult task off raising the sails, which the team was now well accustomed to pulling up. With the sails up, the crew were ready to set out towards Broken Bay.

Early on in the sail it was obvious to see there was close to no wind. We ended up relying purely on the engine of the ship to power us along to the seemingly distant Broken Bay.

The bowsprit on the ship was a favourite of the crew. It was being used for most of the day, when people weren’t on watch. On this occasion, due to the big waves, many people found themselves getting saturated. This didn’t stop people going back out there. Actually, it sort of encouraged them.

Hunger dawned, and the annoying teenagers were pounding on Hugh’s door, eager for sustenance. As if on call, Hugh pulled out the Mexican burritos and the kids swarmed like seagulls that haven’t eaten for days. The rule of 4 in the galley was definitely broken.

After lunch, the dolphins came out to play. People were rushing to the railings and mouths dropped in awe. They were up close and personal, but no one dared reach over because of the fear they would end up swimming with them.

Later in the day, the ship turned into Grease Lightning. We started picking up speed as we drew closer to the Bay. The swell died a little, the waves carried us, but the engine was still on full blast. This new gathered speed shocked the lookouts, as the ship was now going ‘too fast’ for them to see, causing us to run into a lobster net.

As night fell, and we drew ever nearer to the bay, Hugh beckoned us one last time to come down and have his delicious Whopper of a stir fry. As the plates were cleaned by the crew, they kept themselves entertained by playing UNO and ‘What are the odds’ (If you’re wondering about what this is, we’ll let your kids explain).

Finally we reached Broken Bay, and we lowered the sails. As a team, we did this efficiently. Throughout the week, all the watches have developed a sense of synergy. They could almost do it blindfolded. Well, sort of. When we finally set the anchor down, we saw some huge jellyfish.

The final task of the day was to elect our leaders who will lead the ship in the coming day. Stupendous Skipper Rosic was voted in. Jolly Justin was elected as the Spectactular Sailsmaster and Wonderful Will the Nautical Navigator. Blue Watch elected Super Sophia to lead them, Red chose Terrific Talja and White chose Persistent Prib. With the leaders chosen, the loud, annoying, smelly teenagers crawled into their beds. I would say that they ‘fell silent instantly’ but that would put us on Santa’s naughty list.

Signing off,

Skipper Rosic and Navigator Sampson.




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