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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Johns College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20221011

FROM: Manly to Coffs Harbour

DATE: 11 October 2022

POSITION: Currigee, South Stradbroke Is

REPORT BY: Red Watch

We had at 0001 to 0400 watch and woke up in rotations of 2 or 3, we marked out our position and filled out the log. We then went back to bed after our respective rotations, and all woke at 0630 to the sound of the painful bugle. We ate a delicious breakfast made up of cereals, warm, golden, crispy hash browns and toast. We then competed in a reef knot competition where Red Watch claimed the win by a landslide! We then raised the anchor with all hands-on deck to manually complete this.

We cruised down from Moreton Bay, motoring down the coast as the wind was blowing a gale in a South Easterly direction. We past many islands including Lamb and Macleay Islands. We all took turns on watch completing the various rotations, most notably getting to steer the boat. We had hamburgers for lunch which were cooked to perfection by the one and only Cath. Then travelling through the Southern Moreton Bay islands, we arrived at the Broadwater and anchored at Currigee at 1330.

We took the tender over to South Stradbroke Currigee campsite, where we had a swim, played volleyball without a net, and then followed a narrow forested path made up of soft, rolling sand that lead out to large dunes that rolled out to a wide and rough surf on the other side. The water was too rough to swim, so we played bull rush and soccer on the sand. We walked back to the other side of the island and consequently catching the tender back to the boat.

Once onboard, we organised ourselves and practiced knots. Tonight, we learnt the figure of eight knot and the bowline knot. Later on we did a competition between the watches as to who could do the knots faster, as well as a backstay competition. #redwatchontop

We enjoyed a dinner of Sausages and Mash, looking out across the ocean as the sunset. A lovely ending to a lovely day.

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