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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Johns College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20221011

FROM: Manly to Coffs Harbour

DATE: 11 October 2022

POSITION: Blakesleys, North Stradbroke Is

REPORT BY: White Watch

We woke up at 6:30 and went to have breakfast. After breakfast we got shown how to work our way around the boat, including, release and put on a backstay, round turn two half inches knots. Then we cast off lines and left the port, went out to the ocean. We then learnt how to raise the sails and tacking.

For lunch, Cathy cut up some knotted rolls, tomatoes, beetroot and cucumber placed some ham and salami and shredded up carrot and lettuce. We all made our own rolls out of these fresh ingredients. White watch was on duty from 12-2, during this time we saw whales breaching and turtles. We had to navigate through a green and black marked buoy to avoid a hazard in the form of shallow water. While doing this the port watchers pointed out a few boats that we had to keep an eye on in case of collision. After blistering and filling our hands with callousing from all the tacking we had to do, our watch finally was over with mixed emotion, some wanted to continue while others were happy it was over.

The next event after our watch was a dinghy ride over to Stradbroke Island, some decided to brave the cold by going in the water while others decided it wasn’t worth it. After a quick game of Bullrush and the ever-growing sense of discomfort caused by a few naturists in a tent, we were back on boat.

Throughout the day we were preparing for a knot competition, this day’s focus was on the round turn and two half-hitches. Unfortunately, our efforts throughout the day were in vain as we lost the knot comp by over 40 seconds whereas first and second were only 3 seconds apart. 

Then came dinner as Cath provided us with an amazing dinner with chicken legs marinated in garlic, ginger and sweet chilli and rice, garnished by carrot and peas with a delicious chicken gravy. After dinner we worked on our notebooks and after Steve got asked the same questions about 3 times we were finished.

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