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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Silkwood School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20220503

FROM: Manly to Manly

DATE: 5 May 2022

POSITION: Currigee, South Stradbroke Is

REPORT BY: Red Watch

In the morning we all got up at 6 o’clock and scrubbed the brass until it’s all shiny, we then woke everyone up with a bugle and no one wanted to get out of bed. After that we had nice warm hashbrowns with toast and tinned spaghetti, at 7:30am we had our knot tying competition and we lost.

We set sail to Currigee, we were off watch and relaxed for a few hours then we were back on watch and we were rotating our roles and we all took turns on the helm. We navigated through the green and red markers and the cardinals we finally got to our destination and anchored.

Then we got the chance to go to shore, we played in the sand, we had a quick dip, collected shells and walked to the other side of the island. We came back to the ship and had a backstay competition then after that we had sausage and mash potato for dinner followed by sponge cheesecake foe desert. At the end of the day it was time for bed and prepare for the next day at sea.

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