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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Blaxland High school


FROM: Sydney TO: Sydney

DATE: 26 Nov 2017

POSITION: Botany Bay

Report by: Blue Watch

On one fine Sunday morn, the sun was brightly shining upon the glimmering faces of the fifteen keen, young sailors. We hit the rails at 7:30 on our way to the journey of our lifetime, prepared for whatever was to come our way. We turned the corner to see the finest ship one has ever seen… the South Passage, and as we embarked the ‘pearl’, the crew, with limited time on hand, briefed us on the safety protocols and how we should manage ourselves on board.

As the wind whipped through the hair and the sun kissed our skin, we were given a hands-on experience, and we were taught the basic necessities to run the ship for ourselves. The hierarchal order on the ship showed us the level of respect and comradeship that was shared between all the crew on-board the South Passage. Despite various challenges and minor setbacks, the ship kept a good pace and with the help of the willing crew members, we students were able to overcome, improvise and adapt.

After a couple hours of pleasant sailing we arrived in Botany Bay. Activities such as jumping off the boat, walking along the rocks and kissing the mermaid on the front of the ship as initiation into the elite, were enjoyed by everyone around. As the evening came, the students gathered together with the crew, shared a laugh, sung some songs and spoke of the memories that we shall never forget. It’s a shame this incredible experience had to come end, with memories that will last us a lifetime. Due to the extremely quick reactions, insane strength and sheer manpower of the three boys that will go down in history, Rhys, Reuben and Jacob, the crew survived a potentially critical failure from the broken sheet. Shout-out to the incredible Kath for the delicious meals and to the Watch leader, Blue Watch General, our friend, the legend, the infamous, notorious, the one and only, Paul.

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