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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Gregory’s College


FROM: Sydney TO: Sydney

DATE: Day 3, 28 November 2016

POSITION: Flint & Steel Bay

Report by: Blue Watch

Timmy came in to wake us up and we walked outside to clean the brass. After cleaning the brass we went inside and woke the other boys up by blowing of the bugle. All the boys are awake now and we are ready to go ashore. We all get ready, jump on the dinghy and head to shore, as we are all waiting to walk we have a look around the beach. As we head off, Elworthy walks through a spider web and he picks up a stick and heads off. We all follow the great leaderworthy, he makes a path for us all to walk through. We finally make it to the end of the track with no spider bites.

 The view is amazing, the light house is so big and all the old stone work is so beautiful, we walk around and have a look for about 45 minutes. We head back to the beach to see the dinghy heading over to pick us up. A couple of boys decide to go for a swim and some others decide to go for a walk. The dinghy picked us up and took us back to the boat and of course there is always one that falls off while trying to climb the ladder and it had to be Sitani.

As we get on the boat Hugh is ready for us with breakfast and big smile on his face to tell us what’s good to have and what we need to do. As we finish our breakfast and clean up we get ready to set sail, we prepare the sails and put them up, “and now we’re moving boys”. For the rest of the day we were pretty much sailing and doing a couple of gybes. As we settle down Hughie serves us lunch and it was beautiful, spag bol with a salad, “amazing Hughie”. We finish our lunch and some of us chill out while some of us help to sail the boat.

After a while we have an amazing dinner provided by an amazing cook, we finally arrive into Broken Bay and the weather starts to calm down and the waves chill out. We have arrived into the bay and bring down the sails, tie the ropes and clean the deck. We’re all done for the day now so we have to take the bearings and the weather as well as the wind speed. That’s all done now and now we can hit the sack.


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