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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Silver Youth Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20220920

FROM: Manly to Hervey Bay

DATE: 22 September 2022

POSITION: Kingfisher Bay Resort

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

The day began at the call of the bugle complemented by the glistening sunrise over the choppy oceans. As we engulfed our delicious cold breakfast, we were sent above in the bucketing heavy rain to bring up the anchor with teamwork that would make the dream work. As we finally finished pulling up the anchor, we were prepared for a steamy, hot, and delightful hashbrown and spaghetti on toast that was quickly inhaled before we had to return to the ship’s duties. While below deck, a competitive game of uno unfolded below with the shouts of excitement and frustration.

Then, as our day continued at 9:30 we all met below deck to debrief our current events. Our ship duties continued until just before lunch when our three watches once again went head-to-head in a knot contest. While most of the figure of eight knots were correct, with an incredible 23 seconds, blue watch gained another awesome victory (the best watch). We then enjoyed an exceptional lunch of spaghetti and salad from our amazing chef Hugh.

Once lunch was over, we began preparing to head over to Kingfisher Bay. Unfortunately, our trip was delayed due to the pouring rain. Around an hour later we arrived at the island. We began an ambitious hike soon later through the beaches sinking sand, that quickly drenched our feet. Once we arrived at our destination, we took some photos, and we began the journey uphill through the bush walk. As we continued our walk through old historic events that were kept untouched, drops of rain fell on our sorrowed souls. We hastened our walk, as of in fear of the rain getting heavier. Devastatingly, it began raining down cats and dogs.

After the 2 hour walk, we finally arrived at the resort all drenched from head to toe in water. We then changed our clothes being ready for a swim in the cold, freezing, concerningly cold pool. We then had a shower and ordered hot chips to share amongst us.

As we returned to the ship, the ropes were used as washing lines; welcomed by the fresh, mouth-watering, dripping watermelon on board. There was an intense race for the shower line as the sunset marked the beginning of a quiet, peaceful, and calming evening (hopefully). We are now enjoying an impeccable meal of rice and stir-fry and a magnificent cheesecake.

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