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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Somerset College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20220904

FROM: Hervey Bay to Manly

DATE: 6 September 2022


REPORT BY: Blue Watch

This morning, we were woken up at 6:30 for cold breakfast and our daily knotting competition which was the figure 8 and the bowline knot. While on deck, we were also stunned by the wonderful views of the horizon and dolphins swimming. Overall, white ended victorious with their speedy time.

Our hot breakfast was a wonderful surprise with HASH BROWNS! The next competition was the ‘backstay’ drill where white watch were the champions again.

Today we found out that we were not officially sailing however motoring through the water. Each watch took their shifts rotating around the six stations to ensure that the boat was moving properly and on track.

Later during the day, we had lunch, which were burgers! So we ate them and then got back to work. While we weren’t on watch we would play card games such as cheat and speed. That was fun! Then after lunch we touched a sand bank. Whoops. We fixed it and continued sailing.

Then we had another knot competition, where we did a clove hitch. I think the white team won. They are winning everything. Their team is stacked. That competition was enjoyable. Then the blue watch took over and then we anchored because we fell behind in our travels and did not cross the bar in time.

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