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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Trinity College Goulburn


FROM: Sydney  TO: Sydney

DATE: Day 1, 5 November 2016

POSITION: Refuge Bay, Broken Bay

Report by: White Watch

On Friday the 4th of November, nineteen of our peers including ourselves travelled to Sydney to set sail on the South Passage sailing trip. Our travelling journey began by leaving our school college at 11:30 to catch the train at Moss Vale, to than catch the train from Macarthur to Central Station. Once arrived at Central, we walked a million kilometres to Darling Harbour to drop our bags off at the boat. When we left our bags, we all split up into different groups to do our own thing for around two hours. Majority of us had gelato and went out for a nice dinner before jumping on our voyage. Once aboard the ship, we were all introduced to the staff and put into our separate groups.  There were three different groups, red, white and blue.

The first thing we did was a harbour tour. We sailed to an area just in front of Taronga Zoo. We were anchored and were shown things we will have to do on the boat like tying ropes in different ways and how we would set the sail up. We all went to bed around 9:30.  Not many people got a good sleep as most of us had a night shift around 4;30 am . It was also really hot in the top bunks so people who slept there ended up sleeping on the table because it was cold.

Our white watch group all woke up at 6:00 am to clean the brass on the steering wheel and on the brass plaques.  We were given two sets of breakfasts. Our first breakfast was things like cereal, fruit and juice. Our second breakfast was food like  toast and scramble eggs.  When breakfast was over we went up on deck to practice tying knots for our competition. White won everything, of course.  When that was over, we went down stairs to get ready for the day. We put the sails up and were running around the deck pulling the rope pumps and pushing the levers for the anchor. When the sail went up, we sailed around the harbour for a little while. The wind was strong so our boat was tipping to the very side and it was so fun, but hectic.  After sailing for most of the day we sailed to Reef Beach near Manly. It was so nice and clear. Most of us jumped off the side of the boat. Some swam to shore while others hopped in the little blow up boat to get across.

After our little adventures at the beach, we set sail to Refuge Bay. On our way all teams had a chance of being the watchmen/ watchwomen, while the other teams where encouraged to help participate and help with the sails and ropes, when not on watches.

We arrived at Refuge Bay at 5 o’clock with all teams participating with putting the sails down. When all that was completed, the teams contested in another round of the rope competition. For dinner we had chicken, peas, and carrots. We also had dessert which was apple Danish and custard. After dessert, we played a card game and chilled then slept preparing for our night watch shifts.

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