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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Lorien Novalis Steiner School


FROM: Port Stephens  TO: Sydney

DATE: Day 4, 27 October 2016

POSITION: Stores Beach, Sydney Harbour

Report by: Blue Watch

This morning the weather was fine. We had our breakfast and followed it with a knot competition tying a clove hitch. We went on a hike up the mountain in Refuge Bay. It was a nice hot day and once we got closer to the top, some of us dipped our feet in the clear, fresh waterholes.

We set up the sails and left Refuge Bay. Before we left we were tacking back and forth near Barrenjoey Head. On our way sailing back to Sydney, the weather took a turn and the ocean began to swell as the waves reached 2-3 metres. We saw a few whales graciously move out of the water as we passed, some people got to see flying fish as they would jump out of the water. We ended up on a 20 degree angle and the water was gushing in through the scuppers. It was exciting to be on a tilting boat, everyone on board was holding on for their lives.

As we got closer to Sydney Harbour, we spotted a kayaker paddling through the rough swell of the ocean and yelling out to us, while looking petrified, if we could throw him something. Without hesitation, someone chucked him an apple and he was off again, paddling back to shore which was 3-4km away. We turned the boat around in order to save him but it was all for nothing. He told us he was okay and we continued our voyage to Sydney. Braving the rough sea, we sailed into port Jackson around 1730 and lay anchor nearby the old quarantine station.

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