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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Discovery Christian College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20220824

FROM: Mackay to Roslyn Bay

DATE: 24 August 2022

POSITION: Prudhoe Is

REPORT BY: White Watch

Today has been a memorable day for the students at Discovery Christian College. With our stomach’s full of breakfast, we set sail on our first voyage with no clear insight to what was ahead. For many, this was a first and as they say, “first is the worst”, that started to come true. Many felt queasy and others stood strong.

Our trip was soon interrupted, and we had to set our destination to Prudhoe Island. While people were nodding off, one of our lures caught something. We picked it up and noticed it was a spotted mackerel. With a couple pictures taken we prepared ourselves for another 3 hours of sailing.

Nearing Prudhoe Island, we got ready to take down the sails. Not long after, someone spotted a floating animal carcass. Getting a closer look, we found out it was a dead whale body being attacked by sharks.

Most ready to sleep immediately, dinner was served. After scoffing it all down, we didn’t waste any time that could have been spent sleeping.

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