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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St John’s College Woodlawn


FROM: Manly  TO: Coffs Harbour

DATE: Day 3, 13 October 2016  TIME: 2030 hrs


Report by: Red Watch

Red watch is the bomb!!

This morning started out with a beautiful sunrise that rose from the east, lighting up the Gold Coast Sea Way. The morning began with another glorious breakfast provided by our gratefully loved cook, Hugh Crichton. We pulled up anchor at 8:00am and launched out of the Gold Coast entrance with sails filled with air from the fresh morning breeze blowing steadily from the south.

As we reached the open ocean seas began to roar and winds began to blow. Vomiting was becoming a natural occurrence for the people aboard. Kieran spent most of the day with his head constantly perched over the back of the boat feeding the fish. About midday the winds began to dull and the swell began to build. The great gift of rain came and made everything wet. Besides the dulling raining the glorious display of acrobatics given by the many whales we encountered during our day of sailing. One whale happened to breach 5 meters from the boat giving everyone a heart attack.

As we realised the weather would not subside it dawned on us that we would need to seek refuge. Unfortunately blue watch (with help) was left with the tough job of sailing the ship through the last leg of the journey towards Byron Bay. With this unexpected change of plans, a new schedule has been arranged. We will be leaving Byron Cove at 10 am Friday morning, sailing through the night before reaching Coffs Harbour early Saturday morning. Due to commitments and sickness, 10 people of the original passengers will be leaving the voyage at Byron in the early morning while the remaining 12 will continue to sail wholeheartedly til the end. As the members of Red watch we can honestly say with no doubt that we have thoroughly enjoyed this trip, through sickness and health, we have found friendship, happiness and laughter with all members aboard the vessel. Now as we began to head off to sleep we will be anxiously waiting for tomorrow.

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