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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Townsville Grammar School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20220727

FROM: Townsville to Townsville

DATE: 30 July 2022

POSITION: Rattlesnake Is

REPORT BY: White Watch

We started today bright and early with a 6.15am first brekkie, followed by hoisting the sails and a hot brekkie. The knot for the morning competition was the clove hitch. As expected, white was victorious.

We finally anchored at Esk Island where we snorkelled, fished and explored. A highlight of this destination was jumping off the ship into the water. We also stopped here for lunch, which was some delicious Mexican burritos.

Next, we made way to Rattle Snake Island. To say it was rough would be an extreme understatement. Many succumbed to the sea sickness and were lucky to make it to Rattle Snake in one piece. Others had fun riding at the front of the ship and getting sprayed by the ocean waves.

Once anchored at Rattle Snake Island, we had the evening knot tying contest in which we tied the single sheet bend. Once again, white watch came out on top. To close the evening we had chicken stir-fry and custard peaches. We spent the evening electing our leaders for command day. We look forward to going home!

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