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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Townsville Grammar School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20220720

FROM: Townsville to Townsville

DATE: 22 July 2022

POSITION: Orpheus Is

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

We were woken up at 1am to complete our first watch and enter information into the logbook (the wind strength and direction, water depth, longitude and latitude, the barometer and the degrees of the red and yellow light using a bearing compass). For our Adventure Manuals we entered the names of the skipper, cook and sailing master as well as members of each watch and their leader. We then went back to sleep and were woken at 6am with the very loud bugle, which was very sudden.

Then we had cold and hot breakfast and learnt how to do backstays. We had a backstay competition that we won because of our incredible speed and teamwork. At 10am we had our second watch of the day where we raised the foresail and Freya was our amazing bosun. Lunch consisted of a beef patty, bun, and optional salad. Afterwards, we learnt the bowline knot and won that competition as well. We flogged the other teams by seven seconds!

On our third watch of the day from 6-8pm we lowered the sails and flaked the peak and throat halyards. Dinner was beef stew with potato and peas. The delicious dessert was apple pie, which went great with custard and a little less great with cream.

Lots of love, Vivienne & Freya (and other members).

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