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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Gold D of E GP Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20220418

FROM: Gladstone to Manly

DATE: 18 April 2022

POSITION: Pancake Ck, south of Gladstone

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

After an interesting briefing this morning we had a false start and returned to dock as Ambrose wasn’t quick enough to leap on board. It was a relatively calm sail up the Curtis channel as we did all the introductions of crew and guests, and started to learn a little about each other and why we were here and what we hoped to achieve from the experience. The first raising of the sails went without a hitch in the calm weather so that was a great moral boost to all of us novice sailors and even Captain Jack would be proud of us as we learnt what it actually is to belay!

It was great fun sitting on the bowsprit until the model mermaid sitting there so relaxed wet my butt!  So much fun very relaxing with the sun on your face, then our first tack which once again went off smoothly, dam we are getting good at this.

Some knot tying demos in the arvo and a few people feeling queezy so into Bustard Point it was for a climb up to the lighthouse and a face to face with a mob of local kangaroos.

By the time we were due back on board we had wind against tide and a very challenging climb back aboard and the skipper then upped anchor and moved us up into Pancake Creek for the night to sleep on flat water much to the delight of those that were feeling queezy.

Upon rounding the corner, we were greeted by a huge full moon rising over the hill and promptly sat down to a piping hot meal of chicken legs and fresh as vegies followed by apple pie and custard, so far we have been spoilt in the food department, waiting for Ambrose to play his saxophone looking forward to it sailing away into the night.

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