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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Gold Youth Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20220116

FROM: Manly to Manly

DATE: 18 January 2022

POSITION: West of Fraser Is, near Kingfisher Resort

REPORT BY: Red Watch

Red Watch mustering on for the 4am start, all keen to do our part. Although it was early, windy and choppy, Red Watch were not sloppy. Moving to breakfast, in full sail, everyone except Red Watch was white and pale. The sunrise, was spectacular and the dolphins put on a show. The other watches tried to raise the sails but only we know.

Out to port we could see Fraser Island, sailing all night and still couldn’t see any dingo’s. Only day 3 on the ship but we’ve learnt so much lingo. Up on the deck it was so sunny and during the heat of the day the main cabin was stuffy but what kept us going was Cath’s food which was yummy. But what caught a few by surprise was the sighting of a monster hammer-head shark, and hearing the girls screaming their remark.

Unable to cut across the tip of Fraser, we kept sailing North around the reef. It took an extra couple of hours to complete, but once we gave in, we got some relief. Now in the calm water’s sheltered by the reef, we enjoyed the shine; before we swam in the crystal clear water which was divine.

Having some fun along the way, beating our rivals in the knot comp was like child’s play, where figure of eight’s and reef knots were put on display. Red Watch won both showing that we are the best of the day.

The menu promised us some Sticky Date Pudding, we got fruit salad instead but that didn’t deter us from the goals we were pushing. Now, some responsibility kicks in, by getting to the ropes; we plan on getting to Kingfisher Resort with high hopes. Still on course, we wish you well, sending love from the Red Watch personnel.

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