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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Gold Youth Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20211211

FROM: Manly to Manly

DATE: 12 December 2021

POSITION: Double Island Point

REPORT BY: White Watch

This morning we woke up a little earlier to start a long but rewarding day of sailing. By 7 we were off, at first doing mainly lookout jobs and then a few gybes and tacks. A group of us also got to go onto the bobstay and enjoy the lovely view from there… that is, until we got soaked by the waves. Still deemed worth it though! While on our second watch, a pod of dolphins came and rode on the bow waves – but we were the only ones to see them, because everyone else had passed out in the cabin.

After a couple more hours of sailing, we settled down for a burger for lunch – much needed fuel after the waves had grown. We moved to more open waters and kept our rotations going. For dinner, many of us enjoyed a delicious curry with rice, followed by sticky date pudding. Although some of us continued to regurgitate their lunch over the side of the ship as opposed to eating their dinners.

After dinner we approached the Double Island Point and began to think about taking down the sails. We began bringing down the sails by moonlight, ooh how romantic, until the ropes burnt our hands. By the light of the waxing moon, White Watch rose to the challenge of dropping in the headsails despite our extreme illnesses. Therefore, White Watch is the best.

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