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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Gold Youth Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20211211

FROM: Manly to Manly

DATE: 11 December 2021

POSITION: Tangalooma

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

In Manly Harbour on a bright sunny day, the day started positively when the remaining crew members boarded the ship. These late crew members joined the already present crew who had arrived the night before. Whilst waiting for final supplies and for the ship to depart, the crew practiced tying knots for the competitions that lay ahead on the voyage.

The ship departed from port, with crew members eagerly learning about how to raise the sails, tack, and backstays. With all hands-on deck, each team worked together to raise the sails to successfully guide the ship out of the harbour and into the channel. Blue Watch raised the headsails, as White and Red Watch raised the foresails and mainsails.

With the ship fully rigged, we headed for Tangalooma. Blue Watch, having been off watch for the sail towards Tangalooma, swapped with White Watch onto active watch. For Blue Watch’s first manoeuvre, Captain Peter tasked us with tacking on the portside. Completing this successfully, the South Passage continued her journey towards Tangalooma. Shortly after, Captain Peter ordered all hands-on deck to lower all sails and the anchor dropped.

After reaching our destination, the crew lowered the ladder and students jumped joyfully overboard, enjoying a refreshing swim in Morton Bay. On captain’s orders, a game of beach cricket was organised. With all crew refreshed, everyone gathered onboard for dinner and dessert, prepared by our wonderful chef Louise. Following this, Blue Watch successfully completed the knot tying competition, before preparing for Anchor Watch later that night.

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