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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Churchie Bronze D of E

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20211105

FROM: Manly to Manly

DATE: 6 November 2021

POSITION: Big Sandhills, Moreton Is

REPORT BY: White Watch

As we had the first watch of the day, we had to get up early to write the ship log and made sure we hadn’t run aground. Although it had been a long time, our group decided to polish the brass on the helm and runners. As 6:30 rounded, Marcus bellowed the bugle to rouse the rest of the crew. The wonderful Louise had begun to prepare the many morning meals.

As a new morning broke, so did the ropes break out of the locker. This concluded with the fierce knot tying competition of which we (White Watch) won. Each watch had to adapt to the new sails they had been assigned that day, either Mainsail, Foresail or Jib and Staysail, each with new responsibilities. Ted got covered in sea water once again while flaking the chain of the anchor.

Throughout the day, the Blue Watch faced many challenges when tacking up and down past Tangalooma. This included, learning how to tack effectively and efficiently. After the wonderfully cooked hamburgers at lunch (by Louise the 1 and only) the group stopped south of Tangalooma for a swim. This included the famous Marcus Incident, many backflips, and an abused GoPro. The highlight of the trip so far has been the many trips out onto the bowsprit and games below deck.

Later in the day, we pulled into the current spot of the Big Sandhill, south of Tangalooma. This evening, once again, the White Watch dominated the knotting competition. As always, Louise had prepared a wonderful dinner of bangers and mash. Some students have had the opportunity to purchase merchandise onboard. To complete the day, many boys contributed to the mapping activity to continue to improve their navigational skills, to find out where they were. By Nick, Nick, Morgan, Alok, Ted, Oliver, Charlie, Marcus

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