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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: TS Magnus Cadets/Churchie

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20211022

FROM: Manly to Manly

DATE: 22 October 2021

POSITION: Horseshoe Bay, Peel Is

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

We arrived at Manly around 12:30 and boarded the ship roughly fifteen minutes later.  Following a short orientation, we went in and loaded our bags into the cabin before familiarising ourselves with the emergency exits and musters point.

After being introduced to the Skipper and Sailing Master, the ships engine powered up as we departed the harbour. Once we were clear of the harbour, we learned some basic rigging technics and brought up the sails and started moving through the water, all movements of which required teamwork and strength from each of us.

We then got familiar with the watch system and various roles on board such as deck check, helmsman and port/starboard watch and took turns performing each role.

We took down the sails and anchored near Peel Island and settled in for the night in Horseshoe Bay. After that we did an inter-watch knot competition where each watch had to tie round turn and two half hitches in the quickest time, blue watch would unfortunately come in last.

For dinner, the Chef served chicken, rice, beans and carrots, which were delicious after a long day and we then played cards in the cabin.

In our opinion at least, it was an awesome day and the start of what will be a very rewarding and once in a lifetime experience.

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