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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Silver Youth Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20210926

FROM: Hervey Bay to Manly

DATE: 27 September 2021

POSITION: Inskip Point

REPORT BY: White Watch

After we woke up from some lovely bugling played by one of the students, we all had breakfast cooked by the lovely Cath. After completing our knotting challenge, won by red team (bleh), we raised all 4 sails and we took off from Platypus Bay in rough winds travelling approximately 11 knots. Ahoy, we got some wind in our hair! Lucky for White Watch, we had an early watch this morning.

While we were looking out for boats and buoys, we were fortunate enough to also spot our friends, the whales and dolphins of the bay. Being rocked from side to side was an unforgettable experience that had us all in tears of joy and laughter. Ha! After a well-deserved lunch of burgers, white watch began to pull all the sails down by themselves. Dave was EXTREMLEY impressed commenting, “I have never had a team pull down all of the sails at once, wow!” This was a major achievement for White Watch – one to keep in the books!

As the day progressed, the winds increased and the temperature dropped. White Watch continued to add their layers (Alex and Luci wore 4 layers! Brin and Tyla were not cold). This made learning new knots difficult, however, White Watch pulled through achieving an impressive and close 2nd place in evening edition of knot tying (missing first place by 0.04 seconds).

Ravenous and hungry for dinner, Cath had cooked up the classic Australian din dins, BANGERS AND MASHHH!!! Followed by a cheeky sticky date pudding (Yummy). Tired and left with a feeling of self-accomplishment, White Watch embarked on their 2000-0000 night watch and reflected on what they learnt throughout the day. This includes: Teamwork, figure of 8 knots, bowline knots, reef knots, handling the jib and staysail. Finishing the day with a puzzling riddle set by the man, the myth, the legend himself, Dave, South Passage set anchor at Inskip Point. Night Night! P.s Food was good thanks Cath.

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