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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Redlands College / Silver Youth

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20210921

FROM: Manly to Hervey Bay

DATE: 22 September 2021

POSITION: Double Island Point

REPORT BY: White Watch

Everyone woke up at 0400 to raise the sails for the predicted day of high winds. It was like really cold and windy but the moon was bright unlike our spirits which were low as the temperature. We raised both the headsails and the throat of the mainsail. White 1 undid the reef knots on the bowsprit. Our watch continued to 0800 (everyone else clocking off at 0600 which was unfair) We had porridge at 0600 and warm breakfast at 0800 We went above deck to take photos as we exited Moreton Bay, and entered the open ocean.

We saw a pod of dolphins that swam alongside the boat. There was a baby one that was smol. They did a flip. We had burgers for lunch (the bread was tasty). We had to hold the tops of the buns while climbing the companion way to stop the bun from flying into the sea. For afternoon tea madeira cake was what we consumed, it was delicious.

At 1200 we went back on watch. We saw a fat whale on the horizon. While on watch the winds changed so we did a gybe. We tightened the lazy backstay and loosened the working one after the gybe. We had the preventers on to stop people from getting clonked on the head. We adjusted the headsails accordingly.

We went through big waves and it was rough. White 2 behind the helm made multiple people throw up (because her sailing was THAT smooth). White 1 also went behind the helm at 12.8kn while people continued to throw up. White 1 and 2 sat on the bow and laughed about the water that covered the deck and went in the windows onto the people below… and their beds, as they would later find out.

Dinner was bangers and mash. White 2 ate her dinner to the soothing symphony of people throwing up above deck. White 4 fell down the stairs, smashing a crate and her ankle in the process. Meanwhile, White 1 and 3 were comatose. White 2- the sole survivor of the storm- was very helpful in washing the dishes. An alarm in the sewerage system was fixed by the crew by lifting the floor boards to access the tanks. We had anchor watch from 2000 to 0000. We had a hot chocolate and biscuits and made observations.

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