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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Somerset College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20210906

FROM: Hervey Bay to Manly

DATE: 6 September 2021

POSITION: Arch Cliffs, Fraser Is

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

The expedition started with a riveting several hour bus ride to Hervey Bay.  We arrived at Urangan boat harbour at 5pm, eager to begin our voyage. There was excitement, nerves and exhilaration among us, as we boarded the South Passage. We were allocated into watches (groups), before being introduced to our intimate home for the next 4 days. We were assigned bunks in the sleeping area and settled into our space. The next morning we were woken up by the bugle and Hugh’s delicious breakfast. 

We were lucky to learn from the best, as our watch leader was Steve! We learnt how to raise the jib and the staysail. After a couple of practice runs, we set sail towards Fraser Island. Each watch group took turns at the helm, went through tacks (changing direction) which required engaging and releasing the appropriate backstays and vangs. This was done in order to maximise our efficiency towards our destination.

“Yay I didn’t get sick” – Miss Navanteri

“There were many fun activities to participate in, letting everyone take part” – Thomas

“I’m surprised that I didn’t fall over when the ship was leaning!” – Emily               

“I am the captain now” – Kade

“Yeh, I can manage rope.”-Joe

“E = mc2 … Physics” – Captain Ari Uchida

“Good to have a holiday”- Tim

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