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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: The Cathedral School Group E

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20210803

FROM: Townsville to Townsville

DATE: 9 August 2021

POSITION: Cardwell

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

Today, we boarded the South Passage. We stood on the sandy beach of Pelorus Island and jumped on the ships tiny, blow-up rubber dingy. We hadn’t eaten fresh meat and veggies in days, so the sweet scent of burritos that Louise the cook had prepared was magical. We were accompanied by the breath-taking view of the ocean and two beautiful humpback whales. Once we scoffed down our meals and licked our bowls squeaky clean, we were taken on a short tour of the vessel. Then we were horrified to see that we weren’t next to our best friends in our bed allocations. Nevertheless, we stayed positive and began to sail.

We practiced all types of knot tying, and raising the mast and we practiced reading the stars and locating the zodiac constellations. We also all took turns (red watch, blue watch, and white watch) at pulling in the anchor. Our stomachs turned and the world spun on its axis. After a nice shower and some even nicer food, all the sea sick passengers were able to relax. Now we sit here, anchored just off of Cardwell, sipping hot chocolate, and munching biscuits. Till next time my friendly voyage report.

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