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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180402

FROM: Gladstone TO: Brisbane

DATE: 8 April 2018

POSITION: Kingfisher Bay

REPORT BY: Red & White Watch

After a lengthy pit stop in Bundaberg, the ship and crew yearned to once again hear the heartening phrase of “prepare to tack!” With the ship repaired and the weather less hectic, the sails tasted the sea breeze once again. The initial conditions experienced upon leaving Bundaberg were not entirely pleasant but nonetheless a piece of sticky date pudding compared to the previous days at sea. The distant glow of Hervey Bay’s lights cleansed our minds from the negative energy attained from the 0001-0400 shift.

After a strenuous, yet somewhat peaceful night of sailing, we woke to the unfamiliar serenity of the ocean and warmth of the sun. As expected, White Watch once again wiped the floor with the opponents in the final knot tying competition assuring their legacy as legends.

The ship glided into Urangan where the loss of some of the crew including Skipper Damon Frost took place. Our disappointment was short lived as the remaining crew were re-captained by extremely handsome veteran skipper John Davis.

The journey to Fraser Island was short and peaceful despite the obscene number of tacks. We moored at King Fisher Resort where the crew departed the ship for yet another encounter with the common land folk.

After a leisurely day ashore, the crew reunited to witness the sunset accompanied by the majestical turtles and dolphins, appreciating the seaworthiness of the vessel. The crew sits, waiting eagerly for the tide change to allow us to conclude our expedition. Goodnight from the crew.

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