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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Townsville Grammar School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20210721

FROM: Townsville to Townsville

DATE: 22 July 2021

POSITION: Orpheus Is

REPORT BY: White Watch

The duty of white watch started at 4 am this morning. Sam and Maria completed a navigation exercise involving bearings on marks. Whereas George, Ishaan and Aiden were awoken by Sam at 5 am to do our bearings. At 6 am we assembled as a team to clean the brass. It was so fun and enjoyable. 10/10 would do again. At 6:30 am George learnt how to play the bugle as he woke up the entire crew. After cold breakfast we manually pulled up the anchor as Aiden cleaned it on its way up.

We were served hot breakfast as we continued our journey towards Pelorus Island using the motor because there was no wind. We learnt how to do a round turn two half hitches and then competed in a knot tying competition. Then we had a lunch which was bussin. Hugh made some burger sandwiches which everyone loved and devoured within seconds. On the way to Pelorus we encountered a whale 100m away from the ship and also dolphins which were 50 meters from the stern of the ship.

Eventually we arrived at Pelorus Island. Everyone jumped off the ship and then we hopped in the dingy and got a ride to the shore where we swam with fish, sea cucumbers and eels. We all hopped into the dingy and then got back safely on board to be greeted by Hugh giving out more rock melon. Then we had another knotting competition where we clutched up because of Aiden because he tied it in under 3 seconds.

After that Hugh made some dinner which we were all looking forward to because we could smell it all day. Then we played cards. Hugh made some sticky date pudding with custard, and as you can guess it was great. Then we all had showers and wrote up this report.

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