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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Youth Gold D of E Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20210628

FROM: Cairns to Townsville

DATE: 1 July 2021


REPORT BY: Blue Watch

With a long day yesterday we set off for a shorter journey towards Dunk Island. The day started bright and early at 0600 with blue watch polishing the brass. After replenishing water supplies at 0930 and other essentials at Mourilyan Harbour we set off with blue watch raising the mainsail. It was a much calmer day with intermittent showers and calmer seas.

We made good time despite having a lack of wind and arrived at Dunk Island at around 1445. Once there, we headed ashore where we cracked open coconuts, played a game of touch rugby, walked down the beach and looked around the deserted resort.

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