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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20210601

FROM: Airlie Beach to Townsville

DATE: 5 June 2021

POSITION:  Horseshoe Bay

REPORT BY: White Watch

Mal cracked the whip at 0530 to get White Watch onto the Brasso.  Before breakfast the bell, nameplate and wheel were glistening in the new day’s sunlight.  Following this we enjoyed a delicious breakfast of pancake and fruits. The wind was up as we left Cape Upstart under full sail on a south easterly wind at approx. 15knots, and a 2m sea.  Exciting sailing for crew and passengers. Manoeuvres during the day included gybing several times and removing a reef in the mainsail as the wind eased.

Slight changes in the wind lengthened our days sail.  Steering the boat under today’s conditions proved to be challenging for most of the novice passengers.

As we sailed into Horseshoe Bay on Magnetic Island, we were treated to an exhilarating display by Townsville RAAF’s F18 Super Hornets as they performed a magnificent flyby at approximately 300m banking starboard side.  They came really bloody close, as they gave us a little wave. Man it was awesome. Following this, we were all star struck by an incredible sunset… brilliant displays of pink, blues, magentas and eventual golden hues.

Tonight the passengers dropped the sails after dark, under the excellent guidance of our watch masters, sailing master and skipper.  With the deck all tidied up we enjoyed yet another amazing meal by Cath, and then our passengers and crew performed in a mixed show of music, song, poetry, quiz jokes and comedy with a little bit of spaghetti western toilet humour thrown in to boot!  What a day …

There’s a quiet atmosphere of sadness descending, as we all realise our time aboard South Passage is coming to an end.  The lovely people we’ve met, challenges we’ve overcome, skills we’ve acquired and excitement we’ve been chasing, is all coming to a close.  Soon we will all go our separate ways, and return to life without our new South Passage friends.

May South Passage, keep everyone safe and inspire all who sail aboard her.

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